What is a Control Track in Timeline

Chris Hilton
2 min readFeb 15, 2022


Objective: To learn what a Control Track is in Timeline.

A Control Track allows you to take control over time-related elements of a game object and also allows for the control of another PlayableDirector.

Adding a Control Track

Is exactly the same as adding other tracks into Timeline, right click in the editor window → Control Track.

Changing Time Elements of a Game Object

I have gone ahead and dragged a game object into the Control Track (as seen below):

Adding a game object to a Control Track

Now, within the Inspector window, you can see that it has allowed us to adjust the time-related elements of this game object:

Inspector window for Game Object of Control Track

Control of Additional PlayableDirector

I have also gone ahead and created a second PlayableDirector onto another empty game object and then dragged this game object onto the Control Track:

What this allows us to do is essentially have nested Timeline sequences within each other allowing for complex cutscenes that can be managed and controlled quite simply by utilising a Timeline Manager.



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