Using Multiple Post Processing Profiles and Reflective Probes in Unity

Objective: To look at implementing multiple Post Processing Profiles and Reflection Probes into your game in Unity.

Multiple Post Processing Profiles

This is as simple as it sounds and all it’s takes is pressing the ‘Newbutton on a Volume in your scene. I am going to have a bit of fun and setup a couple Box Volumes with different post processing effects so that as the player walks between the boxes they will be met with a new experience.

Firstly, let’s add 2 new boxes to the scene and adjust the size of them. Then let’s add the post processing effectLift, Gamma, Gain’ and make some adjustments to get the desired result. As the player moves into these separate Box Volumes they will experience the different profiles that have been setup. And while the player is in the middle of the boxes, they are subjected to the Global Volume as this encompasses the entire scene.

There may come a time in your game where you have multiple rooms all next to each other and instead of using one giant reflection probe box (which can cause reflection issues from a different room) it could be more beneficial to setup multiple boxes for all the rooms separately so that it is only reflecting the objects/surfaces in that room only.

Take the Sci-fi lab room as an example as the player walks down the hallway, I am now wanting to split my reflection probe into 2 so that I have one for the main room and one for the hallway.

This is very easily achieved by simply adjusting the box dimensions of the existing reflection box to fit the main room and then adding a new one to the scene. Unity will also allow for a smooth reflection transition for reflection probes that are near each other. Let’s have a look at the this:

2 Reflection Probes setup with a dead zone in between

What is going to happen here is that the sphere is going to continue reflecting while moving in the right hand box but as it moves to the left (through the dead zone — No reflection probes setup) it will actually start to reflect the skybox until it reaches the next reflection probe box:

Sphere moving from a reflection probe box through a dead zone to another reflection probe box