How to Use Storyboards as a Reference in Cinemachines Virtual Cameras

Objective: To understand how to use Storyboards as a reference in Cinemachines virtual cameras.

Storyboard Extension added to Cinemachine Virtual Camera component

This extension allows you to use existing storyboards images as a type of overlay on your screen for when you are using it to create those pivotal scenes and you want to capture exactly what the director has asked of you.

How to Setup the Storyboard Extension

On your CinemachineVirtualCamera component, head down to the bottom where it says Extension → Add Extension → Storyboard. It will now add the extension with the following settings:

Cinemachine Virtual Camera Storyboard Extension

It will also change your Game screen to be white. This is because we haven’t added an image yet:

From here, we can now add our texture/image into the ‘Show Image field and it will be overlayed onto the screen:

Storyboard image was taken from

We now have the option of how best to show the ‘Aspect’ of the image in which we can choose: Best fit, Crop Image to Fit or Stretch to Fit.

Aspect options

We can also adjust the alpha color of the image, so we can work on top of it if we want to:

Alpha set to 0.3

Then we also have the options to offset the image, maybe to one side of the screen on the left or right, (or alternatively this can be offset up and down also):

X offset position set to 0.5
X offset position set to -0.5




Passionate Unity Game Developer

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Chris Hilton

Chris Hilton

Passionate Unity Game Developer

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