How To Use Mixamo’s Auto Rigging Feature

Chris Hilton
3 min readSep 19


Objective: To learn how to auto rig a 3D FBX model in Mixamo.

Moving on from my previous article which focused on how to de-rig an exsiting assets armatures, we are now prepared to upload this asset to Mixamo’s Auto Rigging Feature.

  1. Upload Character

Once you are logged into Mixamo, look over on the right hand side and hit ‘Upload Character’:

Now, you can either drag and drop your FBX model into the box or navigate your way through to where you saved the asset through this link:

What to Do If Your Auto Rigger is Greyed Out After Uploading the Asset

I couldn’t exactly find the reason behind why this would be the case apart from a high poly count, which I believe my asset is under 10k and should be fine from reading through the forums/FAQ’s. This feature is also very finnicky, meaning that you have to be very specific for it to work properly, it doesn’t like deviating slightly from its internal parameters. The closer you meet these parameters the better the result.

However there is a solution, and that is to export your asset (from Blender in my case) as an .obj file. Now it has created 2 files, the first being the .obj file and the second is a .mtl file. Grab both of these and zip them up into 1 compressed file. Load this file instead in the upload character link.

Note: You might find that your characters textures have gone super shiny/white, which is nothing to worry about as the rigging process for the armatures has nothing to do with textures and this can simply be added back on once your model is rigged.

Error — Error occurred on rig: Unknown error while generating motion

If you are met with this error, please see this article.

2. Place Markers on Your Asset

Move the markers from the left hand side to their associated positions:

And if all goes well, once you have hit ‘Next’ and wait a short while, you should be met with an auto rigged/animated model: