How to Setup the New Unity Input System

Objective: To get your next Unity project setup with the New Unity Input System.

It is time to get started with a new project and of course that calls for a new article series! This series is going to concentrate on the New Input System in Unity and no better way to get started than to help you get this setup in your project in a couple simple steps!

Download New Input System in Project

Either open up your existing project, or create a new one in Unity and the first thing we are going to do is download the Input System from the Package Manager.

Navigation Bar → Window → Package Manager → Input System → Install

Installing the New Unity System in Unity

Once that has finished installing, you will be met with this error:

Press ‘Yes’ to this and it will restart the editor, disabling the Old Input System and enabling the New Input System. It is also possible to have both enabled at the same time, which is shown at the bottom of the article. Following these steps will also get you back to the Old Input System.

Installing New Input System ‘Samples’

The New Input System comes with a bunch of samples that you can import directly into your project and it is as simple as going back to the Input System in the Package Manager (once you have installed it), and importing them into your project:

New Unity Input Systems Samples

Enabling ‘Both’ Input Systems

Simply navigate your way to the ‘Active Input Handling’ option in the Project Settings by:

Navigation Bar → Edit → Project Settings → Player → Active Input Handling

Updating the Input System in Unity



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