How to Setup Git & GitHub — For Beginners

Objective: Downloading and installing Git & GitHub for beginners.

Now that we have run through what Git & GitHub are, let’s get them set up!

Installing Git

Let’s start by downloading and installing the required software. Head over to: and you should be taken to the following screen:

Git downloads page

Here you are able to choose your desired operating system. I will be working with Windows for this guide. Click the Windows link and wait for the download to complete. It should automatically detect whether it should be downloading the 32-bit or 64-bit version of Git.

Next, open up the download and you will see the Git Install Wizard window pop up.

Git install wizard

Now, unless you know and understand what all the options are as you progress through the wizards steps, I would highly recommend keeping the default or recommended options which will automatically be selected. Keep hitting that Next button until you get to the final one and press Install and wait for the process to complete.

Git installation window

Once complete you should see the following window:

Git install complete window

Untick ‘View Release Notes’ (unless you wish to read them) and press Finish’, the window will close down automatically. We will come back to using Git Bash in the next article.

Now that you have successfully installed Git onto your computer it is time to move onto GitHub!

Setting up a GitHub account

Head on over to: where you should be presented with this screen:

GitHub webpage

You will now be required to sign up for an account. Simply input your email into the box and hit ‘Sign up for GitHub’. You will now be here:

GitHub create your account

It’s time for the creative part — coming up with a username that hasn’t already been taken already! (Tip: Try to keep this professional and easy to read E.g. ‘ChrisHilton’ or ‘Chris-Hilton-Git’ as some basic examples. As you are going to be leaving comments and updating your source code for your team mates or colleagues to read, they might have no idea who ‘KiLlAmAnJarO783’ might be. Choose a password that is strong but something you will remember. Complete the verification process and hit ‘Create Account’.

You will now be asked to answer a few questions: how much experience you have and what type of role you work in and what you will be using GitHub for. Answer these easy questions, hit ‘Complete Setup’ and you will be asked to verify your account. Login to your emails, click on the link and Congratulations you have successfully set up your GitHub account!

Next up: Implementing Your First Repository in a Unity Project with GitHub — For Beginners



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