How to Install the Universal Render Pipeline (URP) in Unity

Objective: To learn how to install the URP into a new and existing project in Unity.

On the screen where you create your new project in Unity Hub just simply choose the Universal Render Pipeline option:

Universal Render Pipeline

Once the project is open, you can now start to create your project using the URP OR you can import a previously saved scene (package) following these steps:

Right Click in the Project window and select ‘Import Package’ → ‘Custom Package’. Locate where you saved the package and hit ‘Open’. You will now be brought to this screen where you select what you want to import and then simply hit the ‘Import’ button.

Once the package has loaded and you have opened your scene, your assets might all be pink (this is normal and we will fix this up as the last step). This is because the exported scene was previously using Unity’s Standard Renderer and all the shaders/materials need to be updated to the Universal Render Pipeline.

Now, we have 3 more steps to get the URP functioning in your project.

They're creating a Scriptable Render Pipeline Asset, changing the Graphics Settings and upgrading your assets to the URP.

The steps involved here are right clicking in the Project’ window → ‘Create’ → ‘Rendering’ → ‘Universal Render Pipeline’ → ‘Pipeline Asset’. This will now show up in your Project window:

Universal Render Pipeline Asset

Now we need to update the newly created asset to the Graphics Settings in Unity:

Upgrade Graphic Settings

The steps are: “Edit” → “Project Settings” → “Graphics”. Now within the ‘Scriptable Render Pipeline Settings’ field select the newly created ‘Universal Render Pipeline Asset’.

The final step is to now upgrade your assets to the URP. Instead of doing it one-by-one manually, let’s take the shortcut and upgrade them all at once:

Upgrade Assets to URP

The steps shown above are: “Edit” → “Render Pipeline” → “Universal Render Pipeline” → “Upgrade Project Materials to UniversalRP Materials”.

Firstly we want to head to the top Navigation bar in your open Unity project and click on “Window”. From here head to “Package Manager” and make sure “All Packages” is selected from the drop down menu:

Window → Package Manager
All Packages

Scroll down till you see Universal RP, and from here we want to hit the “Install” button:

You will still need to create the Universal Render Pipeline Asset and update the Graphics Settings as shown in the new project above.

Voila! Assets have been updated to the Universal Render Pipeline…

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