How to Build and Test Your Game in Unity

Objective: To get your game built and ready to be play tested in Unity!

This is relatively quite an easy process depending on how in depth you want to go with your build settings, but for the purpose of simply getting your game set up with the basic settings so you can have some fun with the game you have been creating for the last few weeks/months, let’s get into it!

Build Settings

To get started, head on up to File → Build Settings. Make sure you have all the scenes in the ‘Scenes in Build’ box and check that they are indexed correctly and in the right order.

From here, choose the platform that you wish to deploy your game to. For my one we are going to simply set this up for Windows so I am going to leave the ‘Target Platform’ as is. Next we can head into ‘Player Settings’ and take a quick look at some of the options available:

At this stage, the only change I am going to make with this build is the ‘FullScreen Mode’ under Resolution and Presentation, as I don’t want this to fit the full screen because I haven’t created a Quit feature yet in the game and I will be forced to Ctrl + Alt + Del to the Task Manager to close out of the game. So for now, I have changed this to Windowed mode so we have a X to close the game down with.

There are also options here for you to put your Company Name, Product Name and the Version number if you wish.

Once you have made the changes you wish, simply head back to the Build Settings page and hit ‘Build’! This will create a pop up window and ask where you would like to save the build. You might get a Visual Studio error when trying to save the deployable game in a folder that isn’t empty. If this is the case, simply create a new folder and save it there!



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