Hidden Shortcuts to Make Level Design Easier in Unity

Objective: To discuss some shortcuts that make level design and building easier in Unity.

Building out levels can be quite time consuming unless you are aware of some simple shortcuts that can help make your life a lot easier. Let’s run through a few.

Holding ‘Ctrl’

When moving a game object, if you hold down ‘Ctrl’ while then clicking on an axis and dragging the game object around, you will notice that it actually increments by 0.25 as opposed to a float number.

Ctrl + D (Duplicate)

If you highlight a game object in the Hierarchy by clicking on it and then pressing ‘Ctrl + D’, it will create a duplicate copy of that game object at the exact same spot.

Holding ‘V’ Down to Snap

With your mouse cursor hovering over a game object in the Scene view, if you hold down ‘V’ it will bring up a little box that is looking for the nearest vertice. What it will do from here is try to snap next to another game object’s vertice once you let go.