Creating a Sci-Fi Lab Room in Unity

Objective: To build a Sci-Fi lab room in Unity!

With the 2D Galaxy Shooter project wrapped up and released to play on it was time to move onto a new project! This one is going to see me building a sci-fi interior room from a small batch of assets, turning them into bundles of modular prefabs and testing out the Universal Render Pipeline (URP) and the HDRP with some post processing and lighting effects. Looking forward to see what the end result is going to be, but first let’s build a simple scene…

Floors & Walls

Floors and walls of hallway and main room

Let’s get started with some of the easier steps in level design, building out the floors and walls. Make sure to build full floor and wall prefabs here to make your life a lot easier and only having to drag in and place the prefabs into the Scene:

Columns & Archways

Let’s now add a few columns into our main room to give the sci-fi feel greater depth:

Main room columns

Now let’s add some archways at the entrance to make it stand out as one of the first things when the player enters the room:

Hallway archway


Let’s now add a hallway ceiling that is going to be a lower height than the main room ceiling to again help with the depth of the room:

Hallway ceiling

Now for the main room ceiling, let’s take the bottom floor, flip it over and add some variations to it:

Main ceiling


Now it is time to add some struts to the main ceiling to give it some greater detail and depth. We are going to use some existing assets that we used to build the columns with and just adjust/manipulate to make them fit:

Struts on main ceiling


Let’s now get a front door on a facility:

Outside door
Inside door

Sci-Fi Terminals

It is time to put some terminals into the scene but to make them stand out more I have placed them on an elevated platform in the middle of the room with a staircase leading up to it and some cryochambers surrounding the platform:

Terminals elevated on a platform surrounded by cryochambers


And lastly, let’s add some struts to the hanging terminals:

Struts supporting the hanging terminals



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