Objective: To look back over the features that were implemented in both the Universal and High Render Pipelines (URP/HDRP) Sci-Fi Lab rooms.

What started out as a very empty and dull looking project using the default standard render pipeline has turned into a masterpiece with HDRP! With a bit of…

Objective: To look at Indirect Multipliers in our HDRP project.

This is the final article in ‘Building a Beautiful Game in Unity’ series that looks to cover using Indirect Multipliers in a HDRP project. The photo above shows where we are at after incorporating a range of HDRP features.

What is an Indirect Multiplier


Objective: To understand what Screen Space Reflections are and how they can enhance the quality of your scene to give it a more realistic feel.

What are Screen Space Reflections?

This is a feature in the High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) that provides subtle reflections onto surfaces that can simulate puddles or wet floors. …

Objective: To implement a Cookie mask onto a light source to create more realistic lighting.

Adding a greyscale mask layer to point light source

We don’t live in a World where our light illuminations are always perfect, so why should our light sources always look perfect in Unity to? Let’s be a bit more reasonable or realistic and understand…

Objective: To understand what Layered Lit is in Unity and how to use it to mix Texture Maps.

Two materials layered one on the other

What is Layered Lit?

This is a feature in High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) that allows you to stack materials on top of one another on the same game object. This is a really cool feature…

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