Objective: To understand the Blend List Camera in Cinemachine.

Another fantastic camera to add to our arsenal of Cinemachine cameras building the perfect cutscenes/sequences.

What is the Blended List Camera?

The Blended List camera focuses on blending through a series of child cameras, upon activation. It executes a series of instructions and moves/blends through the child…

Objective: Let’s make the camera shake using Cinemachines Impulse Listener Extension.

Have you ever wanted to create a lightweight camera shake that doesn’t involve much code at all? Then let’s take a look at Cinemachines answer to that!

What is the Impulse Listener Extension in Cinemachine?

This extension gives the virtual camera the ability to ‘listen’ to impulse…

Objective: To understand what Virtual Camera Extensions are in Cinemachine.

Extensions are additional virtual camera components that can be added to a virtual camera to change their behaviour. Some examples include camera offsets, colliders, follow zoom, storyboard, impulse listener and post processing. Let’s take a look at a few below.

Objective: To learn how to keep multiple targets in the frame.

Cinemachine is absolutely fantastic with being able to keep a single target in the frame, but is it able to do this with multiple targets? Let’s take a look at a ‘Group Composer’ feature in the ‘Aimsettings.

What is the Group Target ‘Aim’ Setting in Cinemachine?


Objective: To understand what the Framing Transposer virtual camera is in Unity’s Cinemachine and how to use it.

What is the Framing Transposer Virtual Camera?

The framing transposer virtual camera uses a fixed screen space relationship with the ‘Followtarget, whilst also allowing for damping, offsets and compositions rules to help define this relationship.

Unity states that…

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