Objective: To explain what Occlusion Culling is and why it can be beneficial to improving the performance of your project in Unity.

Occlusion culling is very important for optimising your scenes as it prevents Unity from making rendering calculations for game objects that are hidden from view (occluded) in the…

Objective: To explain how to add a Post Processing Profiles to your URP project in Unity.

If you are using URP in your Unity project and you are using Unity 2019.3 and above, it comes with built in post processing so you don’t need to download any additional packages. In…

Objective: To explain how to add an emission to a custom texture in your Unity project.

A emission is a texture that illuminates. In Unity the emissions work different between regular and static. For dynamic elements the emission will emit a glow where as a static element, it will actually…

Objective: To explain how to change your existing texture maps in Unity.

This article is going to cover changing our existing texture maps in a Unity project so we don’t need to mess around with our UV maps. One option would be going into the ‘Base Map of the game…

Objective: To distinguish between the 4 different lights available in Unity and provide examples for their use.


When choosing a light option in Unity we are faced with 4 options. let’s run through them and see which would be the most applicable to your scene.

Directional Light

A light source that is…

Objective: To create a custom Skybox for our Sci-fi Interior level design.

Lowering exposure on skybox to show emission light sources only

As we are building a scene that is based primarily on an interior render we want to change the illumination from a daylight type of illumination. In order to change this we need to change our Skybox.


Objective: To learn how to install the URP into a new and existing project in Unity.


How to Install the URP in a New Project

On the screen where you create your new project in Unity Hub just simply choose the Universal Render Pipeline option:

Objective: To build a Sci-Fi lab room in Unity!

With the 2D Galaxy Shooter project wrapped up and released to play on itch.io it was time to move onto a new project! This one is going to see me building a sci-fi interior room from a small batch of assets

Objective: To discuss some shortcuts that make level design and building easier in Unity.

Building out levels can be quite time consuming unless you are aware of some simple shortcuts that can help make your life a lot easier. Let’s run through a few.

Holding ‘Ctrl’

Objective: To understand what Filebase is and how to use it.

What is Filebase?

Filebase is a game asset plugin built by GameDevHQ with the purpose of helping you build video games quickly and easily with ready made assets. Many of the assets come with pre-scripted animations, particle effects and sounds.

How to Install It?

This is…

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